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East Nashville 1920's Treasure
Renovation, Restoration and Interior Design
Nashville, TN

The project:

  • Consulted with the owner and builder from the beginning of the project through completion. This home was originally built by the new owners' grandfather.  The goals were to restore where we could, find room for modern living (storage), modern kitchen with vintage feel, and to turn the unfinished second floor into a master suite.

  • Paint color consultation on both interior and exterior

  • Kitchen design

  • Upstairs space planning and design.  We were able to remove the ceiling in several areas and create vaulted ceilings.  This made small spaces feel so much larger and inviting.  

  • Designed bookcases at the top of the stairs and built-ins in the hall wall to accommodate their collection of books.

  • Turned a small old closet into a modern built-in armoire storage system the in master bedroom

  • Bathroom design - downstairs searched for tile so that the original bath could be kept much as built in the 1920's.  Upstairs - designed a new master bath and laundry room.

  • Sourced new furnishings with the owner and found ways to blend in sentimental heirlooms to create comfort and beauty for this family.

  • Designed all the draperies, had fabricated and installed.

  • Designed custom drapery rods for the windows in the kitchen. 

  • Owners wanted all vintage light fixtures, so we took them shopping to local sources for fine vintage building materials.

  • Sourced materials - we added functional and beautiful touches - barn door to close off the laundry room and a library just down the hall from the master bedroom, etc.

Let's reimagine your space!
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