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Kambaku Safari Camp Giftshop

Design and Install

Timbavati Game Reserve

Hoedspruit, South Africa

The project:

  • A few years ago, and for three years running I spent approximately three months out of each year working with women in the Bush of South Africa.  I went to help them take the crafts that they already knew how to do and turn them into revenue streams.  During that time I was asked to return to design a gift shop for a remote safari camp called Kambaku.  

  • My charge was to purchase all the displays, merchandise and tools for install. (Once that far out in the Bush there were no hardware stores to run to, no Amazon to deliver to the front door; so it took careful planning and vision.) 

  • First step, I hired a driver with a cargo van in Johannesburg and spent a week purchasing vintage trunks, shelves, fabrics, etc. to use to display the merchandise.  Much of the merchandise that we used for the shop was from the various craftspeople that I had been working with and all the goods were made in South Africa. I designed many of the items.

  • Next step, the trip out to the camp - a long dusty, bumpy ride.  I've included photos of the condition of the space when my driver and I arrived and some photos of the displays.  

  • I included this project in my portfolio to speak to my dedication to my clients and the task. Further, I love what I do - designing for the needs and dreams of my clients.  In this case it took tenacity to find the vintage props in a city and country that I did not know that well.  I will never forget arriving to a room filled with tables and discarded furniture. Then unloading our wares all wrapped by the various vendors where I found the treasures.  

  • I'd love to hear about your dreams for your home, your space.  I am all about tailoring the project to your lifestyle and needs.  The projects that we work on are woven together with your dreams and our experience, heart and resources.  

Let's reimagine your space!
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